Turn Signal Intake

Keep cool, look cool


This summer I had to buy another turnsignal for a Mazda Miata. Halfway through purchasing it, I thought through the process of making one. Since the headlight and turnsignals are entirely separate, the process was not too complicated. I set up two criteria: That the light still be just as functional, as well as adding an air vent to the engine bay.

As always, the final design has to be 3d printed. The goal is to get a final product that's functional and works just as well as any manufactured part. This project is just as much a design solution as an exercize in designing for a particular manufacturing method.

image image


The solution to 3D printing such an awkward part was to turn the design on it's side. Division between parts also serving as a transition between the black material and the transparent lens material.

image image

Photography by Andrew Renner