Concrete Shifter

rock solid shifting with a universal fitmet


The two most tactile parts of a car are the steering wheel, and the shifter. Shift knobs are relatively similar, so what can be done to make them different? The ultimate goal for this project would be to eventually create a finished product.



The origin of the use of concrete in this project came up as a joke. I mentioned to my friend how most shift knobs are weighted, and thought what if you made it out of asphalt. This small discovery drove the design once it was introduced. Extending all the way through to how to make it. Concrete seemed to be the perfect material to use that is exclusively not used in a vehicle.

image image image

Threaded Inserts

Concrete is not a very good material to thread into, especially if it's an important part of a car. Therefore, something was needed to be able to screw onto the shifter column, as well as stay put when cast in the concrete. I went through several design iterations, eventually settling on the one on the far left.

image image